Tuesday, 3 August 2010

That Dali feeling

This is more of a philosophical note.  I saw part of a program on Salvador Dali the other night and it got me thinking about the music.  Now I am quite prepared to stipulate that Dali was a genius and had a radical new approach to art, reinventing himself and surrealism in the process, and I am prepared to realise that maybe in my creative ambitions I am not quite in his league, but I can aspire, can't I?

When I start to think about the creative new approaches, techniques and styles that great artists introduced I wonder how one goes about stepping outside the box and trying something radically new and different. And then I wonder if I can do that with music.  Every time I think of something daring and different I realise it has been tried before.  Maybe I listen to too much surreal and interesting music, or maybe I just can't see where the limits of "the box" are to step out of it. This frustrates me a bit, but maybe not too much, because in reality I would like my music to be listenable. If I stray too far from convention it becomes too hard on the ears.  As it is so far in track 3 I think it is becoming quite "out there" - it may appeal to proggers but more conservative listeners may struggle with it.

Maybe I need to be clearer about my demographic target. 

The other thing that I have realised somewhat in this musing, is that the last two sub-sections have had more emphasis on how the textures, atmosphere and feelings that the music portray and less on "being clever" with puns and structure, and doing things like trying to show "space" and "time" with technical aspects of the music.  Now this music is intended to be "prog" and as such should appeal to the intellect, but I think more attention to the emotional impact is being a good thing, and I should work more on this side.

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