Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Foley art

After some thought and reflection, I decided that yes, I needed to remake the sound effects I had used - well make rather than find.

First of all the scream.  I've had to wait for several days for the opportunity, while my wife and son were out to record a gut-wrenching scream. I hope the neighbours were not too worried. While I don't think it is perfect, it is much more biting than the previous one, and so I like it.

Second, the tearing sound of the temple curtain being "rend in twain". he tearing sound I had was decidedly not fit for purpose.  I tried tearing paper and slowing the sound down.  Not very good.  I tried the ripping sound of velcro, and slowed that down, still not right.  So an old shirt in the rags bag was sacrificed, and there's nothing that sounds quite as good for tearing cloth as tearing cloth.  Much better.

Thirdly, rolling dice.  The one I had was OK but I thought I could do better.  This is for where the soldiers cast lots over Jesus' cloak.  Three dice, shaken and rolled on the table here, and then again for the other ear (there's nothing to beat a good stereo image I always find).

I had forgotten how much fun making sound effects can be

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