Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A little bitty bit

Hello all you readers of my blog, it's been a while.This seems a recurring theme at the moment.

So I've started work on another section. This one follows straight on from the "waily waily" section I did way back (first section done I think) and keeps the chords and pace, and drum sound, and probably guitar sounds.

There is a "refrain", a sequence returned to several times, which cycles D and Bm four times. It's inspied by a worship song called "day by day" (which is actually in A not D). There are then "verse" passages between them, each of different lenght and with differing chord sequences.  There are four of thes and I will bore you with the chords:

Em, Faug, D/F#, G7, E7/G#, A7

G, D/F#, Bb/F, C/E, Cm/Eb, D7, Fmaj7, Cmaj7, A2(no3rd), A7

C, B7, Em, A7, Am, Adim, Aaug, Bbaug, G, C, A7, D, B7, Em, Am7, A7

Ebdim, Em, A7, D, Ebdim, Em, G, A7

To be honest most of my time was spent creaing those chord sequences which I hope will be satisfying (to me). I mapped out the structure with markers, and have adapted the drums from the previous section. I also did about 50% of the section with a nice hammond organ sound. To follow: more organ, 2x acoustic guitar and Bass. And then some decision about solos and lead instruments.

I'm off sick at the moment, and meant to be mostly relaxing, so while I want to get into doing more of the music again, it should be short sessions. To he honest, I might have done guitar, but after messing about on the guitar so much trying chord sequences, my fingers were hurting which is why I tackled the organ.