Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tidying and other stuff

Well I've done some stuff which is mostly not directly making music. Most importantly I have been Tidying Up.

I have a nice little room here where I do my recording, it's really not possible to call it a studio, it's more of a box room. It houses the PC, a chair and a keyboard, and a guitar rack. Most of the other instruments are squirrelled away elsewhere. If I want other people to come into this room to do some music for me it needed to be a good sight more tidy than it was. It now is, 2 sessions of tidying, sorting and (shock) hoovering later and it is presentable. One more session should involve some reorganising, swapping a keyboard and installing the new printer (it's shiny) and we should be all done. My lovely wife has installed a blind so we can even shut the sun out on a sunny day.

The other thing I have done is some sound recording using a little "zoom" handheld audio recorder I borrowed from work. I have recorded quite a bit of the kids playing in various circumstances, and the ambience in church before a service, and the sound cars make as they go over the Ovingham bridge - a sound I want to use as the opening to A View To The Bridge.

Speaking of that section, the only bit of music I have done has been working on some brass stabbs at the beginning of the section (after the bridge moment) and which will be used as puctuation for the section.

So progress, but mostly not direct and totally not interesting.