Thursday, 15 April 2010

Whales and visitors

Well I had chance for another short burst last night at the whalesong.  I changed tactic and instead of attempting the perfect whalesong in one take I resorted to one of many methods of cheating (actually it's only cheating if you think there are rules to recording) and did a really long take attempting the sounds, and then edited it down to keep only the good bits - changing the order around.  I've done a little processing so there's a good reverb on it, and it wanders in the stereo image, and it may not be authentic but I like it.  I actually like the fact that as it goes on it becomes lsightly more obvious that this is a bass.  Oh and for anyone else who wants to attempt this, I used a volume pedal and a slide to help me.

The other news is about the self-promotion.  I had that big push a few weeks ago and have just left it to itself since then - the facebook presence, the website, this blog annd an entry in the unsigned bands forum at (  Well visits have been ticking over gently, I have a counter on the front page of, which counts visitors not visits (I guess strictly speaking it counts computers  rather than people). This evening it has excitingly clocked in the 100th visitor.  The facebook presence encouragingly has 31 fans too, most importantly, 2 of them are people I don't know!

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