Friday, 16 December 2011

More progress - lots of it

Well I'm not sure if I've got lazy, but I have mastered the next track. Not the next section, the whole 29 minute track in one fell evening swoop. I started saying "you know what, that doesn't need any changes to it..." to several sections, including, coincidentally (cough cough) most of the ones with Kontakt in. I need to make sure I have a good critical listen just in case I'm fooling myself, though I have to say that all along track 2 has been the easiest to deal with in terms of not needing major alterations. It's always been strong, so it is conceivable that on previous passes where I have been making alterations elsewhere, that this track has had more mastering-like attention.

Anyway, listening is the proof of the pudding, so I'm going to listen to it, and not just tonight when I really want to be making lots of progress so I'm likely to be optimistic and tolerant of it not being perfect.

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