Friday, 26 March 2010

Viral marketing blues

I dislike selling myself like a used car or cheap double-glazing. The past 24 hours have been fairly difficult in this respect, but I have bitten the bullet and gone for it. As well as the website, this blog, the facebook presence and the music itself at, I have now messaged all my facebook friends, emailed as many people as I dare from my personal email mailing list, sent out an email to the whole department at work, and emailed almost all the students I teach, in an attempt to get the word out, get a ball rolling, get some sort of encouraging metaphor underway at any rate.

At least I feel reasonably secure here on the blog, i don't think anyone has made it here yet. Amazingly in just a few hours I already have 11 fans on facebook (all friends or relatives and of course myself) and have had 9 hits on the website (although 3 of them are me!). To be fair the visitor counter was an afterthought, so I may have missed a couple of hits.

All of this means my adrenaline is fairly high, and I feel nice and vulnerable. Exposing my creations to public scrutiny is not easy, although by now I'm getting used to the fact that the general response is not scorn, ridicule or criticism, but apathy.

And it's all pointless unless some people actually listen to the music, and (very importantly) tell their friends. I feel like I would like to give a prize to the first person who finds their way to the music through a second step referral. If that's you, what would you like?

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